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UPDATE 01.06.18 – MAYA BEACH (BAY) IS CLOSED FROM 01.06-31.09.18
as we got notice on 30 May 18 about Maya Bay. Now let come closer to know more about PP Island trip.

Info to PP Marine Park:     it is comprised by 6 Islands together.
1    Bamboo Island
2    Yong Island     (close since long time until feature notice)
3     PP Don Island     (here where all hotels / resorts are)
4     PP Ley Island      (attraction points such as : Losama Bay, Pi Ley Lagoon, Viking Cave and Maya Beach)
5     Pida Nok Island    (diving spot)
6    Pida Nai Island     (diving spot)
Important : As the National Park said Maya Beach is closed, it doesn’t mean that all the islands of PP Marine are close. It is only 1 Beach at PP Ley Island “Maya Beach” and 1 island names Yong Island.
Our tour to PP still continuous visit difference spots at the PP Marine Park:
1    Bamboo Island    stop for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing/ and some time for Lunch
2     PP Don Island     for break and lunch (some time avoid here, due it’s so busy.
             also stop at Rantee Bay for swimming, snorkel if the sea condition is fine
3     PP Ley Island
     at attraction points such as :      stop at Losama Bay for snorkeling,
                     stop at Pi Ley Lagoon for sightseeing and sometime for swimming
                     passing  Viking Cave for Photos, we stop out side the cave
                     passing Maya Beach for Photos, we stop out side the bay

even that all those mentioned spots can be change, this is depending on the weather and local condition. Since we not stop at the Maya Beach, it means we will spend more time at other spots longer such as Bamboo Island (swimming, snorkeling and relaxing) or Rantee bay (snorkel spot). Those cannot fix in advance this is depending on the weather.
PP Island trip still continuous operate as usual with some little change only, as I described on this letter.
- Remember PP is not close; it is only some area only.
- By selling trips, please do not forget to mention:
- all route and time are subjected to change to weather & local condition
Report by Patrick

TAT INFO: National Park closes: reported on Bangkok, 18 April, 2018
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to announce that the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has started its annual seasonal closure of several attractions in 66 of 147 national parks nationwide.

According to the DNP, this is normal practice, as it closes several attractions every year for a certain period, depending on weather and park conditions. Dates are varied, and the closure is often due to extreme weather, especially during the rainy months, that may create unsafe conditions and allows for some ecological recovery time.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, said: “Natural rejuvenation is a key to preserving the biodiversity and pristine quality of Thailand’s amazing nature and natural resources. I believe that closing off several attractions for certain months during the rainy season demonstrates Thailand’s commitment to ensure sustainable environmental management of the country’s valuable nature heritage.”

According to the DNP, Thailand currently has a total of 147 national parks, covering an area of 70,038.65 square kilometres or 13.64 percent of the land area of the country. Of the total, there are 59 national parks in the North, 43 in the South, 25 in the Northeast, and 20 in the Central, Western and Eastern Regions.

This year, the DNP closes several attractions in 66 national parks nationwide, including in 24 national parks in the North, in 28 national parks in the South, in nine national parks in the Northeast, and in five national parks in the Central, Western and Eastern Regions, which are:
some in the south west

13: Hat Chao Mai, Trang ·  Five islands – Muk, Morakot, Kradan, Chueak, and Waen 1 June – 30 September
14: Mu Ko Lanta, Krabi ·  Ko Rok Nok – Ko Rok Nai, Ko Ngai, Mu Ko Ha, and Kong Hin Daeng-Hin Muang 16 May – 14 October
15: Khao Phanom Bencha, Krabi ·  Khao Phanom Bencha Trekking Trail Closed until further notice
16: Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi, Krabi ·  Ko Yung Closed until further notice

and more information can review in


General Information

Krabi weather always change. You can recheck with us or incase of anything more information you can contact us directly. / (0066) 081 8949137 – hotline form 24 hrs. or write us to Remark: the weather report is reported on the maintioned hour, but it is subjected to change as well.

(20 May 15) ... In November 2014 and April 2015 we got 2 travellers (friends), who got brain-stroke and both had to have operation very emergence.

The 1st person (Europe), he got Internation Travel Insurance: this did holp him a lots. He was send from Krabi Hospital first to Phuket Hospital, then got brain operation in Bangkok and got send back home via private jet with a doctor. All Hospitals were great doctor and team, who holp him on that time. All costs were covered via his Insurance. He hasn't pay any thing for. Right now he can move his left hand bit more and recognize friends and family again.

The 2nd person (Europe), she had not apply for any International Travel Insurance. Also she had to have brain operation in Krabi due the doctor had to save her life, otherwise she could die.. The Doctor was greate. She feel better now, remember thing more and more, can speaks and moves on the left side. But the right side can not really move now. Lots training she still need.
As she still was in the hospital, nearly every 2 days we got asking from the nurse for the payment, cause she has nothing. Friend and Family abroad did donat for the cost. One of her friend fly to Krabi and work out lots to bring her back home. It is not easy, cause no any insurance protect her. If she is enough fit, then she can transfer back to her country again, but it needs time so long she can not really walk. All process might need about 3 months together.

Both could die, if no any help there. May be it is a point to think "what shall we do when we travel to other country". Let think about that and protect yourselve. May be just pay bit more, cause you never know what will be happend on the next day or next second.. I am not Insurance Agency, but I saw these 2 accidents.

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